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FSA helps students grow into people committed to faith and justice, leadership and service, academic excellence and compassion.

Life at FSA

The Fr. Sauer Academy school year begins in late August and ends the final week of June. Transportation to school is available for students living in San Francisco if needed.  All students are served free breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

Communication between parents and teachers is vital to FSA's educational program. FSA encourages and recommends informal conversations with teachers, and any information or questions regarding your child’s behavior at home or at school are most welcome.

Parents who are more involved in the educational process create a better experience for all, and FSA asks parents to:

  • Attend monthly community meetings
  • Attend parent-student-teacher conferences at least twice a year
  • Take a strong interest in their child’s work and check it nightly
  • Check to make sure their child reads at least 20-30 minutes every night
  • Volunteer at least 5 hours of community engagement yearly.

Program Support for Graduates

We expect that students who successfully complete the curriculum at the Fr. Sauer Academy go on to high school at St. Ignatius and, later, attend college. The Fr. Sauer Academy will make every effort to prepare our students to achieve these goals, and that effort does not end when students graduate.

Once FSA students move on to the high school program at St. Ignatius, they and their families will find support from the Office of Belonging, Equity, and Excellence, the Counseling Department, and various affinity groups on campus. We also encourage graduates to remain connected with the Fr. Sauer Academy community through volunteering and attending community social events throughout the school year.