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In order to encourage our students to grow, we focus on our daily values — Persist, Love, Lead, Unite, Serve, and Seek.

The following are edited excerpts from FSA's Student-Parent Handbook. Please refer to that document for complete expectations, protocols, and procedures.


As members of this Christian community, all of our actions should reflect Gospel values of love and respect for ourselves and for each member of the Fr. Sauer Academy and St. Ignatius community. The fundamental norm is the commandment that we love God and our neighbor. Our goal is to treat each FSA student as an individual, and to respect them. The student, in turn, must assume responsibility for their actions. Our relationship must be based on trust and openness to the viewpoints of others; this includes respect for all cultures, races, genders, and nationalities.

Discipline and good conduct are essential to creating the environment in which students and teachers can pursue their goals at FSA and SI. The school expects students to conduct themselves at all times in ways that help the school be the best it can be. At the same time, SI and FSA are here to provide an environment where Christian values are taught and practiced; the personal development of each student is more important than the achievement of academic success. Personal integrity is essential for building community and promoting social justice.

Restorative Justice Approach to School Culture

We aim to use restorative justice philosophy and practices when approaching discipline and school culture. Restorative justice aligns with the values and goals we hold for our students. The restorative approach to discipline focuses on prevention through relationship-building and drawing on the collective strengths of the community to help individuals in trouble regain their footing in a nurturing environment with consistent classroom practices and high expectations. Guided by our school counselor, our goal is to help all students learn to resolve disagreements, take ownership of their behavior, and engage in acts of empathy and forgiveness.

Harassment and Discrimination

Harassment or discrimination is prohibited and will not be tolerated. Harassment occurs when an individual is subjected to treatment which is hostile, offensive, or intimidating because of, but not limited to an individual's race, ethnicity, religion, physical/mental ability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and/or socioeconomic status. Discrimination occurs when an individual or individuals are treated unjustly, differently, or are excluded specifically because of these above-named protected characteristics.